Exam Prepartion Couselling -basic

This program helps the students who have already prepared and appeared for CA exam or who are preparing for exam for the first time:

Is counselling helpful only for CA students who have written exams and who could not clear CA exams?

If you are new CA student who have taken up course with dream of getting a rank or to pass in the first attempt, absolutely counselling can do miracles for you. We want to make miracle in your life.

If you are new CA student, in the counselling session, you will be learning more about What you should not do, What the top All India Rank holders do, what is required for smart preparation, which book should I Study, etc.

With respect to students who have already written CA exams numerous times and who could not clear the exam, one counselling session with Virtus team can change your outlook and your thoughts towards your exam.

With whom: With CA. Santhoshni M R or CA. Karthikeyan R Chartered Accountant and senior faculty of Virtus Academy
Duration:30 Minutes to 45 minutes.
What you can expect: Depth discussions about your obstacles, What stops you, what you need do to overcome it. How to prepare, what not to do.
Which attempt: The counselling session can be any attempt be it May or November.
Professional fees: INR 990 for any level (Foundation/Inter/Final).
Payment time: At the time of booking for appointment or Before commencement of counselling session.
Who can attend the session: Either student alone or student along with parent/guardian/brother. Friends will not be allowed to sit with student for the session.
Delivery method: Either in person at our centre in Chennai & Coimbatore or through video calling through our meeting application. No telephonic counselling is permitted.
In case of video counselling, free examination kit will be couriered to your communication address. To know how video counselling will work click here.
Any report/document will be issued: 1 pager counselling report on summary of our discussions for your future references within 2 to 3 working days of our discussions. Click here to download the sample counselling report.
Free of cost:
1. Free examination kit containing educative materials to help you on the exam preparation.
2. Free expert professional opinion on your ICAI certified papers (Upto to 2 answer scripts free of cost). You can either email it to our team before coming for counseling or you handover at the time of session. Our comments will be incorporated in the Counselling report.
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Exam Prepartion Couselling -advanced

Post our initial 1 to 1 session based on our detailed discussions, we would give you our recommendations/suggestions for your preparation plan and assistance.

If you are opting for any of our test series pack, then you will not be required to take structured/regular counselling sessions.

In the event of you not opting for any of the preparation packages, you can still chose to have structured sessions with our expert Chartered Accountants to guide you and mentor you on your Success to your exams.

Package Type Number of sessions Regular Professional fees (INR) plus applicable taxes Discounted professional fees (INR) plus applicable taxes Remarks
Monthly Package for 6 months 6 Session of 45 minutes to 1 hour each INR 5,940 INR 5,000 Prior Appointment mandatory. Only 1 session in a month
Fortnight Package for 6 months 12 Session of 45 minutes to 1 hour each INR 11,880 INR 9,000 Prior Appointment mandatory. Time period between 2 sessions must be 2 weeks

Please note that when you sign up structured counselling, model exams, revision classes, video classes are not included as part of this programme. You will be required to sign up for these on a separate basis.

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Terms and Conditions for the exam preparation counselling - advanced

1. Entire counselling amount should be paid in advance to confirm the entire sessions.
2. Counselling session time will be decided mutually in advance based on both parties convenience.
3. At the scheduled time, student should be present at the center or through video conferencing 15 minutes before. There can be a maximum delay of 15 minutes. In case if the student does not come for the session, it will be rescheduled for one more time. Even if the student does not come for the rescheduled session, the session will get lapsed.
4. During the term, if you are of the view that counseling is not helpful, then you can cancel for the uncompleted sessions. 50% of the amount (except the GST tax) will be refunded to the student account.
5. Counselling session package cannot be transferred to any other student. Even if the student is from same family, transfer is not allowed.
6. In the unlikely event of you defer or postponing your CA exam to the next attempt, we can consider to carry forward your sessions, to the exam attempt. For this written request must be submitted to the Academy office. Only 1 carry forward will be allowed. After this counselling session will lapse. Decision of the Management of Academy will be final in this case.
7. With respect to video counselling sessions, the student will be responsible for good internet connection and system for an effective counselling session. Further the student should be seated in a calm and quiet place. If the counsellor feels, the location or connectivity is not helping in giving the effective counselling, he/she has the right to cancel the session. Their decision will be final in this regard.


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