Rank Preparation Counselling

Post our underlying 1 to 1 meeting dependent on our point by point conversations, we would give you our proposals/recommendations for your planning plan and help.

In the event that you are deciding on any of our test arrangement pack, at that point you won't be required to take organised/ordinary guiding meetings.

In case of you not settling on any of the planning bundles, you can even now decided to have organised meetings with our master Chartered Accountants to manage you and guide you on your Success to your tests. When you follow the guidelines provided by our masters, you will be assured of Rank in your CA exams.

If you don't mind note that when you join organised guiding, model tests, update classes, video classes are excluded as a component of this program. You will be required to pursue these on a different premise.

Package Name Number of sessions 1 to 1 meeting Regular Proficient charges: charges for the meetings (inclusive of taxes) Discounted Proficient charges: charges for the meetings (inclusive of taxes), Number of sessions in a month
Monthly counselling - Gold 6 sessions for 6 months (45 minutes to 1 hour each session) INR 5,940 INR 5,000 Only 1 session in a month
Fortnightly counselling - Diamond 12 sessions for 6 months (45 minutes to 1 hour each session) INR 11,880 INR 9,000 Time period between 2 sessions must be 2 weeks

To BOOK YOUR SLOTS for Rank Preparation program request you to complete the booking form.

Terms and Conditions for the Rank preparation counselling

  • 1. Whole guiding sum ought to be paid ahead of time to affirm the whole meetings.
  • 2. Directing meeting time will be chosen commonly ahead of time dependent on the two gatherings accommodation.
  • 3. At the booked time, aspirant ought to be available at the office or through video conferencing 15 minutes prior. There can be a most extreme postponement of 15 minutes. In the event that if the aspirant doesn't seek the meeting, it will be rescheduled for once again. Regardless of whether the aspirant doesn't desire the rescheduled meeting, the meeting will get slipped by.
  • 4. During the term, in the event that you are of the view that advising isn't useful, at that point you can drop for the uncompleted meetings. half of the sum (with the exception of the GST charge) will be discounted to the aspirant account.
  • 5. Guiding meeting bundle can't be moved to some other aspirant. Regardless of whether the aspirant is from same family, move isn't permitted.
  • 6. In the impossible occasion of you concede or deferring your CA test to the following endeavour, we can consider to convey forward your meetings, to the test endeavour. For this composed solicitation must be submitted to the Academy office. Just 1 convey forward will be permitted. After this advising meeting will slip by. Choice of the Management of Academy will be last for this situation.

  • 7. As for video guiding meetings, the aspirant will be answerable for acceptable web association and framework for a viable advising meeting. Further the aspirant ought to be situated in a quiet and calm spot. On the off chance that the guide feels, the area or network isn't helping in giving the powerful advising, he/she has the option to drop the meeting. Their choice will be last in such manner.


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