Nutritional counselling

1. Entire counselling amount should be paid in advance to confirm the entire sessions.
2. Counselling session time will be decided mutually in advance based on both parties convenience.
3. At the scheduled time, student should be present at the center or through video conferencing 15 minutes before. There can be a maximum delay of 15 minutes. In case if the student does not come for the session, it will be rescheduled for one more time. Even if the student does not come for the rescheduled session, the session will get lapsed.
4. During the term, if you are of the view that counseling is not helpful, then you can cancel for the uncompleted sessions. 50% of the amount (except the GST tax) will be refunded to the student account.
5. Counselling session package cannot be transferred to any other student. Even if the student is from same family, transfer is not allowed.
6. In the unlikely event of you defer or postponing your CA exam to the next attempt, we can consider to carry forward your sessions, to the exam attempt. For this written request must be submitted to the Academy office. Only 1 carry forward will be allowed. After this counselling session will lapse. Decision of the Management of Academy will be final in this case.
7. With respect to video counselling sessions, the student will be responsible for good internet connection and system for an effective counselling session. Further the student should be seated in a calm and quiet place. If the counsellor feels, the location or connectivity is not helping in giving the effective counselling, he/she has the right to cancel the session. Their decision will be final in this regard.
In our various discussions with students during the period of 4 years, we have heard many feedbacks or comments as following,

•I fall sick continuously during my preparation time
• I am not having sufficient energy to cope upwith preparation
• 1 week before exam I got fever
• 10 days before exam, I got dengue.
• On the day of exam, I fainted.
• Most of the days, I skip my breakfast.

Everyone knows the well – known adage of “Health is wealth”. If we have health, then we will get everything in this world.

However, when we are currently focusing on exam preparation, we might lose our focus on health. But if we are not able to take care of health, then we might be not be able to perform well in the exam.

It is imperative that we should take care of health at all times of our preparation to enable us to give our best in our exams.

But most of the times, we are not properly advised or taught to follow the required diet or required food to be taken. This leads to erosion of health when it is required at most to support in your career.

To help our students in this regard, we are offering a nutritional counselling program with an expert nutritionist to help you on what is to be done. More importantly, you get to know what you should NOT DO to keep your health at its peak.

General health tips for students:
• Never skip breakfast
• Avoid junk and fried items
• Eat only home cooked food. Try to avoid maximum outside food.
• Do exercise regularly
• Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated
• Avoid fast food
• Don’t eat late night dinner (After 8 or 9)
• Get sufficient sleep
• Avoid mobile or digital devices before sleeping
With whom:Expert nutrition and dietician ________________
Duration:45 Minutes to 60 minutes.
What you can expect: Know what to eat, what not to eat. What healthy foods to eat. What kind of activities will help you in the exam preparation.Get your own food chart.
Which attempt: The counselling session can be any attempt be it May or November.
Professional fees: INR 2,490 for any student
Payment time: At the time of booking for appointment or Before commencement of counselling session.
Who can attend the session:Either student alone or student along with parent/guardian/brother. Friends will not be allowed to sit with student for the session.
Delivery method: Only in person at our centre in Chennai. No telephonic counselling is permitted.


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