THE NOT TO DO LIST for CA Students

Dear CA Students.

Today when I was tele-counselling one of the Inter students, I was asking him have you prepared your “Not To – do list”, he was like yes Mam. I prepare by To do List on daily basis. I have a study planner. This that. Then I told him you heard my question wrongly, so I repeated my question “Have you prepared your Not To – do list?”

He was still looking confused and blank? Then he responded saying Sorry Mam, I don’t understand your question. So Far, I have been hearing only about “To Do List”, this is the first time I have hearing about “Not To – do list”. 

My dear students who are preparing for CA exams, I know about your to do list and content of your to do list. It will be study, solve, practice, revise, etc…

But what about your “Not – To do list”, Before that let us understand what is “Not To – do list”, it is list of items which you should not be doing during your preparation time to help you to prepare effectively and achieve more results. It is things which you should avoid or procrastinate. Because, unknowingly, we keep on doing these small items without our consciousness which leads to time wasters or time vampires. 

So, students tomorrow onwards before you prepare your “To – do list”, first prepare your “Not To do list”. 

I have given you sample “Not To do list” for your reference purposes:

  • Do not talk to office people in mobile.
  • Do not watch videos in You tube
  • Do not see temporary status of people in WhatsApp
  • Do not scroll through Facebook for 2 months
  • Do not sleep in the afternoon for long hours (Power nap is allowed).
  • Do not eat junk food in the night
  • Do not smoke during your preparation time
  • Do not read unwanted answers in Quora
  • Do not read newspapers for more than 20 minutes.  

If you are still not clear what to put in “Not To – Do list”, no problem, just call me at 8148143737, we can talk for a while to guide you and help you. 

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