College life – Boon or bane to CA student

A very good thought indeed. For pursuing a professional course like CA, college is irrelevant in real terms. All of us feel that college years will shape us as an individual. However, college for most of the students results in distraction, depression, losing focus on career etc. As we are out of the school life, we are so excited to get into a life where there is no one to control us. We are out as free birds. 

Is the freedom used effectively? Nooooooooooo. It’s on rare circumstances that students reap benefits of availing the true benefits of college by participating in various activities, moulding and shaping one another to face the real world. 

Let’s come to our professional course, CA. CA requires immense hard work, smart work and dedication to pursue the course and clear it. Systematic approach of study, right material, right coaching is required to pass the course. 

Pass CA at ease by focusing on the professional course and any day get a degree in correspondence because finally the profession matters the most and everything else can take a set back

Self study – An option or not for CA

A very good option.

Saves good amount of money spent on coaching classes where we end up getting more friends and getting distracted in the class
Immense availability of time
Proper strategic planning on how to prepare is needed
A mentor or guide needed to advise you on the various techniques 

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