How VA Test-series can help a CA Aspirant to ease from exam fear?

Each and every student joining Chartered Accountancy course aims to clear all the levels in the first attempt with ease and move on to the different arena of life.

Every CA student needs to clear 3 levels to get the membership as a Chartered Accountant.
Crossing and clearing every level is more challenging as the syllabus keeps increasing and the amount of knowledge gained over the various levels are tremendous.

Typical questions in every students mind before writing every level of exam include

  • What books should be followed to clear?
  • How many hours should I study?
  • How to make a detailed study plan ? Even If its made will I stick to my study plan?
  • Which subjects to study first and which later?
  • How to keep myself hale and healthy during this entire tenure?
  • Is studying continuously and revising are enough to clear exam?
  • How to overcome exam fear?
  • What if I don’t pass in this attempt?
  • Sometimes even after studying for long hours I feel my mind has become blank?
  • Should I take up model exam? If yes with which Academy?
  • Will they value my paper and will they help me in correcting my mistakes?

Virtus Test Series(“VTS”) is a solution and a guide to all this. We at Virtus Academy continuously keep researching on student’s requirements to always provide them with the best solutions. 

Virtus Academy is always concerned about its students. Hence every now and then students gets nutritional tips to be followed to keep themselves hale and healthy during the entire study time.

Virtus Test Series focusses on easing out the pressure and stress handled by the student while preparing for the main exam. Our test series is designed in such a way that every student confidence increases after taking up every exam.

How is this possible?

VTS is a series for all levels of CA wherein every level and syllabus of subject is split into 4 parts. Before enrolling into VTS, student is given an opportunity to take up mock exam and have a free counselling session with our expert team member. Every student gets to write a test only by studying few chapters. Eventually this helps them in gaining an expertise over the subject and in-turn improves their self confidence.

As a part of our VTS an expert team of Chartered Accountant value the paper and gives detailed comments on every question for the benefit of the student. Further student also gets a call from the counsellor who motivates them to perform better and clearly indicates the areas of improvements for the student and on the presentation skills which needs to be adopted to fetch better marks.

Mistakes known upfront eases out the pressure within the student and helps them not to repeat the same mistake in the final exam. By attempting more exams the conceptual clarity on every subject improves which helps them to clear exam in one attempt.

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