Why counselling is required?

We at Virtus Academy firmly believes that every student who has taken up the CA course requires potential/talent to achieve success in CA Exams.

For a selected few, who are gifted or lucky enough, they find out their inner potential and bring it out which leads you to succeed.

However, many times we are not aware of our fullest potential unless outsiders tell us what we are capable of.

As a part of our routine life, we move with life as it comes, we attend classes, we take up exams, when we face success we feel elated and pat ourselves on the back and move to the next level.

But what happens when we face failures we tend to break down and say this course is not for me. I may not be CA Material. Though we try second time or third time or even fourth time to attempt the exam, we don’t do what is required for this course. We think by just giving one more try, we can succeed.

Yes, when you try one more time. you can succeed but when you try next again we need to adopt a different approach/strategy to study, revise, prepare, present your exam. It is not sufficient if we are going to write again and again without making any changes in ourself.

It is very important to understand what went wrong in the previous attempt, how you are going to rectify in this attempt, what new thing are you going to do, how this will help you to succeed in this attempt.

Can I do counselling by myself?

Yes. You can do your own counselling You need to sit and introspect yourself. Take notes of your strength, weaknesses, etc. Understand how you were preparing for the exams. Talk to your seniors, relatives, friends or Chartered Accountants who have cleared in the recent attempt, talk to your reporting partner in your firm, talk to your faculties, research online, etc.

Once you have done the talking and research portion, you need to start implementing in your study methodology various tips and tricks learnt from others which is required for the success.

You also need to monitor and review yourself whether you are regularly following the strategies and methodologies to get a different result.

In the next attempt, when you get your exams results and if your performance has improved and you have cleared your CA exam, then YES your entire exercise has worked for you.

In the unfortunate event of you not clearing then you will be required to repeat the entire exercise again to understand your mistakes and how to rectify them in the upcoming CA exam attempt.

Virtus counselling programs

Instead of you doing your own counselling, an easy approach would be to get in touch with experts at Virtus Academy. We can help you in a more systematic approach and techniques. We provide different counselling program to suit the needs of our students. Our counselling programs provides you the required support to help you understand where you went wrong, how to avoid it and what new should you adopt to succeed.

With either kind of approach, we are very sure you can move to next level in your CA exam. Needless to say, this requires time and sincere efforts to achieve what looked impossible before. But it is possible NOW.

A word of caution: Whatever we mentor you or counsel you, if you are not serious about it and if you are not going to implement/follow what we say, then we may not be in a position


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