Why counselling is required?

We at Virtus Academy solidly accepts that each aspirant who has taken up the CA course requires potential/ability to make progress in CA Exams.

For a selected few not many, who are skilled or fortunate enough, they discover their inner potential and bring it out which drives you to succeed.

Be that as it may, commonly we don't know about our fullest potential except if outsiders mention to us what we are prepared to do.

As a piece of our normal life, we move with life as it comes, we go to classes, we take up tests, when we face achievement, we feel cheerful and pat ourselves on the back and move to the following level.

In any case, what happens when we face disappointments, we get demotivated and state this course isn't for me. I may not be CA Material. In spite of the fact that we attempt second time or third time or even fourth time to endeavour the test, we don't do what is required for this course. We think by simply giving one more attempt, we can succeed.

Indeed, when you attempt once again. you can succeed yet when you attempt next time, we have to embrace an alternate methodology/procedure to contemplate, re-examine, get ready, present your test. It isn't adequate to depend on our luck that we will compose over and over without rolling out any improvements in our self.

It is imperative to comprehend what turned out badly in the past endeavour, how you will amend in this endeavour, what new thing are you going to do, how this will assist you with succeeding in this endeavour.

Can I do counselling by myself?

Indeed yes. You can do your own counselling. You have to sit and introspect yourself. Take notes of your quality, shortcomings, and so forth. See how you were planning for the tests. Converse with your seniors, family members, companions or Chartered Accountants who have cleared in the last endeavour, converse with your accomplice in your firm, converse with your resources, explore on the web, and so forth.

When you have done the talking and research partition, you have to begin actualising in your investigation procedure different tips and deceives gained from others which is required for the achievement.

You additionally need to screen and survey yourself whether you are normally following the procedures and approaches to get an alternate outcome.

In the following endeavour, when you get your tests results and, in the event, that your preparation has improved and you have cleared your CA exam, at that point YES your whole exercise has worked for you.

In the tragic occasion of you not clearing then you will be required to rehash the whole exercise to comprehend your missteps and how to amend them in the forthcoming CA exam endeavour.

Virtus counselling programs

Rather than you doing your own guiding, a simple methodology is connect with specialists at Virtus Academy. We can help you in a progressively orderly methodology and procedures. We give diverse directing system to suit the necessities of our aspirants. Our advising programs gives you the necessary help to enable you to comprehend where you turned out badly, how to keep away from it and what new should you receive to succeed.

With either sort of approach, we are extremely certain you can move to next level in your CA exam. Obviously, this requires time and genuine endeavours to accomplish what looked unimaginable previously. Be that as it may, it is conceivable NOW. An expression of alert: Whatever we guide you or insight you, on the off chance that you are not genuine about it and in the event that you won't execute/follow what we state, at that point we may not be in a position to save you out of the pit.

Virtus Exam Preparation Counselling

On the off chance that you are new CA aspirant who have taken up course with fantasy about getting a position or to go in the All India Rank List, totally advising can do supernatural occurrences for you. We can make wonder in your life.

In the event that you are new CA aspirant, in the advising meeting, you will become familiar with What you ought not do, What the top All India Rank holders do, what is required for shrewd planning, which book should I Study, and so forth.

As for aspirant who have taken up CA exams various occasions and who couldn't clear the test, one directing meeting with Virtus Academy can change your viewpoint and your considerations towards your test.
With whom: With CA. Santhoshni M R or CA. Karthikeyan R or senior personnel of Virtus Academy
Duration:30 Minutes to 45 minutes.
What you can expect:The advising meeting can be any attempt be it May or November.
Proficient charges:DINR 990 (inclusive of all taxes) for any level (Foundation/Inter/Final).
Who can go to the meeting: Either aspirant alone or aspirant alongside parent/sibling. Companions won't be permitted to sit with aspirant for the meeting.
Conveyance technique:Either face to face at our inside in Chennai and Coimbatore or through video assembling through our conference application. No telephonic guiding is allowed.
If there should arise an occurrence of video directing, free assessment pack will be couriered to your correspondence address.
Any report/archive will be given:1 pager directing report on outline of our conversations for your future references within 2 to 3 working days of our conversations.
Free assessment pack containing educative materials to help you on the test arrangement.
To BOOK YOUR SLOT FOR 1 to 1 counselling meeting complete the above booking form.


This program helps the aspirant who have just prepared and showed up for CA exam or who are planning for CA exam for the first attempt:

Is counselling helpful only for CA students who have written exams and who could not clear CA exams?


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