How Virtus Test Series is different from other test series in the market?

Current scenario/challenge

When you have so many test series in the market, why you should join for the VirtusTest Series. Most of the test series providers in the market, conducts test and gives valued answerscripts along with answer key. Few other test series providers only conducts test series and does not even give valuedanswer scripts but gives only suggested answer for the students to do self evalua Now In both cases, student does not get required benefits of writing test series. One,they lose their money on test series which was not at all useful. Two, they lose their precious preparation time which they could have used for reading more relevant topics.

Our methodology/Our solution

We at Virtus Academy are with a motto to make exams easy for every student who takes up professional course.

When we want to make exams easy for student, we cannot simply give question paper and answer key or simply give evaluated answer sheets.

We follow a detailed 5 step approach in organizing Virtus Test Series for every .

Step 1: Initial counselling to know more about students

In this step, our expert student counsellors talks to every student in detail. In this step, our counsellors talks to know about the preparation strategy of the students, areas of weakness, areas of strength, students apprehensions about the exams. We also develop the required confidence for the students to prepare and take up test series.

Step 2: Assistance in planning and scheduling the tests

In Virtus Test Series, we follow combination of unscheduled and scheduled methodology in conducting tests.

How we do Unscheduled Tests

We know every student is different and one time and date cannot be allocated for every student to finish particular topic. Accordingly, we do not give any date and time for students to take up tests. All our tests are unscheduled, that means students can take up tests according to their timeline.

How it becomes scheduled test

In this step, again we talk to students and help them in the planning the dates for their exams. (This is offered only in Pro + package) They will be required to schedule tests for every 2 weeks. Once they complete these tests in 2 weeks, they can plan tests for another 2 weeks. In this step based on students convenience dates are scheduled and students should take up tests only on this date. Through this way they get a commitment to sit and prepare for the exams and take up the tests on specified date. If they donít follow this, they get lethargic and do not prepare for the exams and keeps postponing the exams.

Step 3: Writing and evaluating the tests

In this step, students download question paper and writes the exam. Afer writing the exam, student uploads answer scripts to our server. Written answer scripts are given to our expert examiners for evaluation and comments.

Step 4: Knowing what was good and what went wrong (This is the most important step)

Post evaluation of answer scripts, we do not give any report or comments on the performance of the students. Our expert counsellors schedules a call and talks to student on highlighting the mistakes done by the student. What was his challenges in writing and how to overcome it.

It is the two way communication which helps the students to know his strength and threats. Also, how he can develop his strength and how to mitigate the threat.

This counselling is available for all exams in Pro + Package. In Pro package we schedule counselling at frequent intervals.

We schedule in person/skype/telephone counselling, wherein the counsellors are also chartered accountants who will help you to prepare better, present better and hence score better in exams.

Step 5: Making sure student got it right

The above step of 3 and 4 continues in all tests. In future tests taken by student, we make sure students implements our suggestions/comments.

Earlier mistakes are not repeated by the student. Further our regular counselling helps improve the confidence level of the student at the required pace till exam get over.